Emergent Semantics

Eric A. Meyer

Complex Spiral Consulting

What Was That Again?

Basic Principles

Why Take This Approach?

"Students no longer have to deal with muddy sneakers on the trek to McCullough - because two brand-new walking paths are crisscrossing the campus. Adding to the network of pathways that ties the college together, the concrete sidewalks were built over existing paths of dirt that the shoes of students and faculty have plowed over time." —The Middlebury Campus, 28 October 2004

Who Can Do This?

Okay, How About Some Examples?


  1. Publish a list of people you met at SXSW, with a link to each person's personal site
  2. Add rel="met" to each link
    <a href="http://meyerweb.com/" 
       rel="met">Eric Meyer</a>
  3. Ping rubhub.com with your site's URL
  4. There is no step 4: you're done!

Success Characteristics

Identity Consolidation

Ways To Cross-Breed and Mutate

A More Immediate Example

Next Steps

In Summary

Thank You!

It's been a pleasure. Questions? Let me know!