Complex Spiral Consulting

Helping clients improve the bottom line through the use of Web standards


Bringing a decade of experience in Web technologies to the table, we can help you with both intranet and extranet projects.

Standards Strategy

Are you trying to decide exactly how to utilize standards? We analyze your site's goals and the technology that drives the content, then give you our recommendations.

Standards Optimization

A lot of sites use CSS, but many aren't using it well, and many more aren't using it efficiently. We evaluate both the styles and the markup of a site and find ways to streamline both, yielding a faster site that requires less outgoing bandwidth.

Migration Guidance

Moving to use standards will make your site better and your life easier, but that doesn't mean the choices are simple. We help you make the best decisions for your site's visitors and your internal processes while working toward a more accessible, flexible, efficient Web site.


Spanning the spectrum from short speeches to in-depth, multi-day training, we deliver the standards message to groups of any size. Rather than deliver canned scripts, CSC's training is customized to fit the needs and skill level you already possess. From CSS to markup to accessibility, we show you how the pieces fit together and give you the skills you need.