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A collection of articles, white papers, and other material that is of general interest and freely available to all visitors. Many of these were written to address commonly encountered problems in standards-based design, and based on situations we've encountered while working on client projects.

Uncollapsing Margins

Although margin collapsing usually does what authors want, even if they don't realize it, there are cases where authors will want to effectively disable collapsing. Find out how you can do this when it's necessary. (3 November 2004)

Containing Floats

You may have stumbled across a situation where a floated element sticks out of its parent element, causing mayhem. In this short article, Eric explores why this happens and how you can fix things right away. (25 August 2003)

Rounding Tab Corners

When creating a "navbar" across the top of a page, an author might want to make the links look like folder tabs. Square tabs are easy, but what about tabs with rounded corners? From images to Gecko features, Eric examines some interesting approaches. (17 September 2003)