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Helping clients improve the bottom line through the use of Web standards

Cut your costs and improve your visitors' experience.

We specialize in helping you use Web standards to reduce page weight and speed up your site's response times. Experience has shown that conversion from table-based design to standards-oriented design can reduce page weight by 50% or more. In addition, that same conversion process improves accessibility and makes maintenance easier. It might sound like magic, but the truth is that it's just the way the Web was always supposed to work.

To find out how you can reap all these benefits, and more, get in touch. We'll talk about getting your site prepared for the future, not mired in the past.

Latest News

  • Microsoft Migration

    26 August 2004

    Microsoft's home page has been redesigned, and the markup underneath the design is much more standards-oriented. The document weight has been cut by almost three-quarters compared to the previous design, a perfect example of the benefits standards-oriented design makes possible.

  • Coming This Fall!

    6 June 2004

    Principal Consultant Eric Meyer teams up with Molly Holzschlag to present a full day of in-depth training at User Interface 9 this October. Details on this and other upcoming appearances can be found on the Events page.

  • Standards ROI

    30 May 2004

    D. Keith Robinson provides some concrete examples of the return on investment offered by using standards at his weblog Asterisk.