Complex Spiral Consulting

Helping clients improve the bottom line through the use of Web standards

Most Web sites drag the past behind them like a deadweight.

Behind the vast majority of Web designs lurks a choked thicket of nested tables and spacer images left over from the last century. This morass of unnecessary coding cripples sites in ways their owners don't even realize; it slows pages and bogs down servers while making accessibility seem like a frustrating impossibility.

All of this can be avoided by intelligently using Web standards. Led by internationally recognized expert Eric Meyer, we can show you how to use standards to cut your costs with:

At the same time, moving toward more use of Web standards will improve your users' experience thanks to:

None of this requires proprietary technology. There are no plug-ins, no complex collections of products, no ultra-expensive packages. Instead, we show you how to utilize the Web's most fundamental technologies in the best ways possible.

Our work is based on a decade of experience with Web technologies, and all the hard-won wisdom and insight that experience brings. The techniques we employ yield all of the above benefits in one handy package. It might sound like magic. The truth is, it's just the way the Web was supposed to work since the day it was born. Past experience shows that a conversion from table-based design to standards-based design can reduce page weight by 50% or more. That has direct impact on the bottom line, and the longer you keep your site stuck in the past, the more money you'll end up wasting.

If your Web site is important to your business, we can help make it better. Let's talk about how.